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Etos Bisnis dan Makna Peran Kyai di Kalangan Masyarakat Santri Salafiyah (Studi Kasus Alumni Pesantren Assirojiyah Sampang-Madura)

ID : 1-153-9, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 15 , Desember, 2008


It is recognizable that in reality, there are many students of Islamic boarding school (santri) salafiyah do business activities. This study,therefore, intended to deeply understand the factors that motivated them to do that; the way how they practiced those activities; and the relationship between the alumni of the school with the kyai as well as the meaning of kyai in regards to the business they were running. In line with that purpose, this study used a qualitative approach, employing a phenomenological method and descriptive analysis. The data were collected by using indepth interview, observation, and documentary study. The results of the study showed that the main motivation of the santri in running business was for fulfilling daily necessities of the family, as one form of worship and obligation in Islamic syareat. Their being close to the kyai was because they see the meaning of kyai as a go between agent for themselves toward God to gain his blessing for a success in the business. The in closeness was performed in an acabis approach, either individually or in a collective way.


Keyword: business ethics, kyai, santri community, alumni of Assirojiyah

Author: Muhammad Djakfar