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Analisis Sistem Pengendalian Intern terhadap Kekayaan Organisasi

ID : 1-153-6, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 15 , Desember, 2008


Basic elements from intern control system are organization structure that separate functional responsibility clearly, authority system and recording procedure that give enough protection to asset organization, use legal practice to implement the duty and function from each organization unit, and also quality of the officer must be appropriate with their responsibility.The success of koperasi influenced by readiness and capability of members or the quality of members , suchas feel to passess and responsibility to developkoperasi or maintain koperasi so that koperasi keep survive Beside that, must be attend about some principles in operational standart of koperasi simpan pinjam. There are self responsibility principle, give the advantage to member or member candidate, give back the fund that collected from member to the parties who was mentioned. The purpose of this research are to describe the role of intern control system to the asset organization. Data analysis in qualitative research usually focused by words, people acts that happen ini certain case. This research use analysis thet had some step. Those steps are analyzing data, reducing data, data presentation and make a conclusion. The result of this research describe that: the role of intern control system to asset organization is give protection to asset organization from fraud, deviation or the action that intentionally or not by the officer that result financial loss for the organization.


Keyword: System Analysis, Asset, Organization

Author: Rini Rahayu Kurniati