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Pengaruh Disiplin Kerja, Motivasi Dan Kompensasi Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan

ID : 1-153-18, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 15 , Desember, 2008


This study is designed to find the influence of discipline, motivation and compensation towards performance both of partial and simultan. The object of this performance is PT swadaya Gresik. The result of the study showedthe influence X1 (discipline) to Y (performance) is 0.396 with calculation t 3.499 and significant 0.001. So the first hypothesis can be proved. X2 (motivation) to Y (performance) is 0.430 with t 3.646 and significant 0.000. so the second hypothesis can be proved. The last analysis can be known the influence X3 (compensation) to Y (performance) 0.313 with t 3.288 and sinificant 0.001. The third hypothesis can be proved. The result R of the study is 0.872. There was a significant multiple influence of discipline, motivation and compensation with performance.The value R square 0.760 or 76%, describe that independent variables (discipline, motivation and compensation toward dependent variables (performance). That value F 101.357 with significant 0.000 proved positive influence between all of independent variables to dependent variables. It means the fourth hypothesis can be acceptedand be proved


Keyword: discipline,motivation,compensation,performance

Author: Lailatus Sa?adah dan Dyah Aruning Puspita