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Pengaruh Lingkungan Eksternal dan Internal terhadap Keberhasilan Industri Kecil Tas dan Koper Di Desa Kedensari Tanggulangin Sidoarjo

ID : 1-153-1, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 15 , Desember, 2008


This research is meant to find the influence of the external environment and internal environment factors toward the powerness small industries. This research object is bag small industries in town Kedensari Tanggulangin Sidoarjo. These small industries selected based on the reasons that these object have some potential contributions to the national economy and have some weaknesses as like other small business. Statistically the test result used SPSS Ver.13 there are some theoretical findings that indicate specific conditions which should be managed seriously in order to increase small business empowerment. Analysis technique used multiple linier regression.


Keyword: external environment, internal environment, small industries.

Author: Nurul Imamah