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Program Kemitraan BUMN dalam Pemberdayaan Usaha Kecil di Jawa Timur

ID : 1-152-12, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 15 , Agustus, 2008


Potentially, the empowerment programs of small-scale business has a greater economic benefits in improving the welfare of society, due to the business as the concentrated source of publics income. BUMN as the agent of development has a strategic role in supporting the programs, in fact. The efforts are focusing on creating the partnership programs, which categorized in subcontracting and non-subcontracting patterns. Nowadays, BUMN has implemented the efforts by giving away the social donation in cash, building a cooperation with the training and development organizations and/or the educational institutions, or conducting the enterpreneurship counsellings for the small-scale business.In turn, the efforts must contribute significantly not only for the ?interest? of central government, but also give the benefits toward the interest of local community in developing their capacities.


Keyword: BUMNs partnership programs, small business empowerment

Author: Ernani Hadiyati