Evaluating Training and Development in U. A. E. Universities: Staff Perceptions

  • Maryam Taresh Saif AlMarri University Utara Malaysia, College of Business


The U. A. E. has seen exponential development while its schools, although improving the quality of education imparted, are still lingering behind other sectors in terms of national advancement. In this research we study the staff perception after training session, and the process of training need assessment. The study will also demonstrate the relationship among the level of competence and criticality of job and the need of training. Every organization's staff needs training and development to work efficiently, for this particular research, university is taken as this institution also needs to train its employees such as teachers. Training authorities tended to this issue by setting up preparing projects about viable teaching strategies and methodologies. The author took part in the venture and also gave workshops to several government funded schools' instructors. To assess this educator preparing venture, a subjective strategy was adopted, utilizing staff perception and information from records, daily papers, perception notes, and interpretations of tape-recordings amid the undertaking. After every preparation session, the creator tape recorded perceptions and noticed members' perspectives and impressions. After translating there remarkable discoveries identified with preparing substance, coaches and interpreters, members, preparing environment, and venture administration. The author found the combination of authoritative, proficient, and social inadequacies had brought on the three years' undertaking to be suspended after ess than one year of its commencement. Notwithstanding these weaknesses, instructors and coaches had profited from the preparation. Nonetheless, these problems that are begging to be addressed must be truly tended to with a specific end goal to lead maintainable expert improvement projects in the U. A. E and Gulf area.


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training and development, learning, employees' perception, learning and evaluation