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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 22 Issue 2 Oktober 2015

Creative Accounting Leading to Financial Scams-Evidences from India and USA

Keyword: creative accounting, window dressing, earning management, financial scam

Author: Dhanesh Kumar Khatri

Web 2.0 for Knowledge Management in Organizations and Their Effects on Tacit Knowledge Sharing and Perceived Learning

Keyword: Web 2.0, knowledge management, case study, individual, tacit knowledge, perceived learning

Author: Anupam Kumar Nath

Critical Evaluation of Disclosure in Annual Reports of Islamic Banks in Bangladesh

Keyword: disclosure, annual report, Islamic banks, Bangladesh

Author: Md. Hafij Ullah and Ruma Khanam

The Extent of Awareness and Response of Investors to The Information Content of the Report of The Controller and Its Impact on Investment Decisions (Applied Study)

Keyword: extent of awareness and response, the information content of the report of the comptroller and the controller

Author: Muhamad Abdul Aziz Muhamad Saleh Jumaa and Alaa Faleh Al-Khalaf