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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 22 Issue 1 April 2015

Quality of Marketing Research: A Citation Analysis

Keyword: content analysis, citation analysis, meta analysis, marketing research

Author: Mohammadreza Haji-Basri, Ahmad Abareshi

Corporate Characteristics and Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosures Quantity in Nigeria

Keyword: corporate social and environmental disclosures, quantity, company’s characteristics

Author: J. O. Odia

Implementing Good Corporate Governance in Indonesia: A Strategic Approach

Keyword: good corporate governance, system approach, strategic management analysis, multi-stakeholder analysis, strategic responses analysis, benchmarking analysis

Author: Wahyudi Wibowo, Hananiel M. Gunawan

Evaluating Training and Development in U. A. E. Universities: Staff Perceptions

Keyword: training and development, learning, employees’ perception, learning and evaluation

Author: Maryam Taresh Saif AlMarri

The Role of Accounting Services in Small and Medium Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Keyword: small scale, enterprises, professional, accountancy, services, Nigeria

Author: Obiamaka Nwobu, Samuel O. Faboyede, Anthony T. Onwuelingo