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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 17 Issue 2 October 2010

The Multiplicative Effects of Personality Dimensions on Creative Behavior among Indonesian Radio Station Managers

Keyword: creativity, personality, multiplicative effects, NEO-FFI, neuroticism, extraversion

Author: Nugroho J. Setiadi Anees Janee Ali Rehana Aafaqi

Implications of Applying the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises on the Accounting Environment in Jordan

Keyword: IFRS, SME, accounting environment, Jordan, accounting systems, compliance

Author: Walid Zakaria Siam Muhammed Yassien Rahahleh

Auditing Risks: An Integrated or Separate Assessment (Evidence from Iran)

Keyword: audit risk model, inherent risk, control risk, misstatement risk, integrated assessment, separate assessment

Author: Hashem Nikoomaram Fraydoon Rahnama Roodposhti Zohreh Hajiha

Characteristics of the Board of Directors and Company Performance  New Zealand Evidence

Keyword: corporate governance, board of directors, board characteristics, company performance, return on assets, new zealand

Author: Md. Borhan Uddin Bhuiyan Jamal Roudaki Murray B. Clark

The Role of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) in Reducing Costs

Keyword: reengineering, reducing costs, production supplies, decision cost, production process, post-production cost

Author: Mohammad Yasin Al Rahahleh