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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 17 Issue 1 April 2010

Investigating Adequacy of Security Controls in Saudi Banking Sector: An Empirical Study

Keyword: information security, security controls, computerized accounting systems, evaluation, banking, Saudi Arabia.

Author: Ahmad A. Abu-Musa

Marketing Research and Social Responsibility: Ethical Obligations toward the Society

Keyword: social responsibility, researcher ethics, research suppliers, code of ethics, ethical integrity, advocacy research.

Author: Sami Alsmadi

Economic Evaluation of Petra Site in Jordan by Using Travel Cost Method

Keyword: travel cost method, Petra, Jordan, seven world wonders, valuation of historical places, and economic valuation.

Author: Akram Masoud Haddad

Corporate Disclosure and Firm Characteristics: A Puzzling Relationship

Keyword: voluntary disclosure, internet reporting, theoretical explanations, methodological problems, regression analysis, non-linear relationship.

Author: Foued Khlifi, Abdelfettah Bouri

The Realities of Auditors Independence and Objectivity

Keyword: auditors independence, auditing profession, auditors role, auditor-client relationship, Sarbanes Oxley Act, auditing

Author: M. Krishna Moorthy,A. Seetharaman,A. S. Saravanan