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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 16 Issue 2 October 2009

The Implementation of TQM in the Qatari Healthcare Sector

Keyword: TQM initiative, critical success factor, implementation, public sector, healthcare, Qatar.

Author: Salaheldin Ismail Salaheldin, Banan A. Mukhalalati

Equity Valuation in Amman Bourse

Keyword: Equity valuation, stock prices, financial analysis, Amman Bourse, book value, earnings per share.

Author: Tawfiq H. Abdel-Jalil, Ali Thuniebat

Modelling Approaches to Enhance the Quality of Forecasting Processes

Keyword: Forecasting management, mathematical model, forecasting process, quality, Bayesian Model, cost function

Author: Rozainun Haji Abdul Aziz, D. F. Percy

University Students Perceptions on Entrepreneurship: Commerce Students Attitudes at Lincoln University

Keyword: Entrepreneurship, student attitudes, student entrepreneurial motivation, TEA, GEM, FEA.

Author: Jamal Roudaki

Pick, Mix or Match? A Discussion of Theories for Management Accounting Research

Keyword: Management accounting, contingency theory, agency theory, sociological theory, institutional theory, psychological theory

Author: Maleen Z. Gong, Michael S. C. Tse

Spanish Theme Parks: The Continuity Paradox After a Decade of Operations

Keyword: Theme parks, financial analysis, financial indicators, tourism, Spain, financial ratios.

Author: Bernabe Escobar Perez, Silvia Fresneda Fuentes, Antonio Lobo Gallardo