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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 15 Issue 1 April 2008

Organisational Control System in a Continuous Improvement Environment: Special Reference to the Role of Management Accounting

Keyword: organisational control system, management accounting system, continuous improvement, internal benchm

Author: Bernabé Escobar Pérez, José María González González, Antonio Lobo Gallardo

Are Global Managers Able to Deal with Work Stress

Keyword: Work Stress, Globalization, Private Sector, U.A.E., Global Characteristics.

Author: Belal Barhem

Accounting Profession and Evolution of Standard Setting in Iran

Keyword: Iran Standard setting, Iran accounting profession, and Iran auditing, IAS Harmonization

Author: Jamal Roudaki

Website Quality and Corporate Financial Performance

Keyword: website, internet, in-links, narrative, performance.

Author: Paul Watkins, Malcolm Smith

Short-Term Persistence in Mutual Funds Performance: Evidence from India

Keyword: mutual funds, Fama- French Model, performance evaluation, multifactor asset pricing, short term pers

Author: Sanjay Sehgal, Manoj Jhanwar

Factors Affecting Cheating Behavior among Accounting Students (Using the Theory of Planned Behavior)

Keyword: accounting profession, code of ethics, cheating behavior, deterrents.

Author: Muhannad Atmeh, Husam Al-Khadash