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Struktur Pasar dan Implikasi Manajerial: Kasus pada Industri Ban Mobil di Indonesia tahun 2004-2005

ID : 1-151-12, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 15 , April, 2008


This article aim to determine and analyze the industrial market structure of car tire in Indonesia in the year 2004-2005. Despitefully this article also aims to analyze the implication managerial from industrial market structure of the tire. Data used stem from CIC Indocommercial and Association of Producer of Indonesia Tire (APBI). Tools of analysis used with the concretation ratio (CR4) and analyze with the descriptive approach. Research into this also use the primary data obtained from result field survey. Pursuant to calculation CR4, good use the data produce and sale, hence industrial market structure of car tire in Indonesia enter in tight oligopoly category. The conclusion consistent for the period of year 2004 and year 2005. Implication managerial for the structure of such market is: (1) company leading market (market leader) can blaze the way to develop; build the collusion, (2) if deciding to complete, hence will vie with very tighten. Other implication managerial is visible from strategy compete applied by each company that is strategy applying vie with the price and strategy compete non at the price of. Strategy compete non price include; cover the product development, promotion, and distribution. Research into this also explains the competition intensity in industry of car tire in framework of Porter opinion (1980) hitting five competition strenght.


Keyword: market structure, car tire industry, managerial impact, competitive strategy

Author: Dedy Handrimurtjahyo