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Kajian Variabel Internal Bank sebagai Predictor Klasifikasi Struktur Perbankan Nasional Berdasarkan Konsep API

ID : 1-132-7, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 13 , Oktober, 2006


Architecture of Indonesia Banking represent an elementary framework development of overall Indonesia banking system with the attainment phase. Banking problems in face of API rules, besides relevant capital problem also with the assessment of healthy bank. Research was conducted to 20 sample bank. With testing 5 internal variable of bank as independent variable to predict of bank subdividing. Examinee variable is: business efficiency, capital growth, net interest margin (NIM), non performing loan(NPL), and opportunity income. Bank subdividing relied on by API concept consisted of the international bank, national bank, special bank, and limited bank. Examination conducted to use the multiple discriminant analysis. Pursuant results of classification priority sample, model the diskriminan able to classificate 87,5% bank case into group of National Bank, 72,9% bank case into Special Bank group, 69,2% bank case into Finite Bank group. For a while assess the hit ratio, equal to 73,8%, itís meaning in general model the diskriminan able to classificate with real correctly more than 73% individual case into group banking. Hypothesis examination conclude that simultaneously business efficiency, opportunity income, net interest margin (NIM), and non performing loan (NPL) represent the variable discriminator in bank subdividing. For a while capital growth do not signifikan, itís meaning non representing variable of discriminator of bank subdividing. While from comparison loading of each variable, known that , the variable of non performing loan (NPL) represent the dominant discriminator in determining bank group.Coefficient of loading NPL with the negative sign indicate that ever greater of comparison NPL, hence progressively smaller of possibility of bank group into class for, that is National Bank or International


Keyword: Architecture of Indonesia Banking, business efficiency, capital growth, net interest margin

Author: Aminul Amin