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Identifikasi Faktor-Faktor Keputusan Konsumen Memilih Hotel

ID : 1-132-10, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 13 , Oktober, 2006


Tourism is most important industry beside oil industry for gained national income. In other word to make this industry success needed more attention from government, especially department of tourism. Beside that, private sector such as accommodation and transportation are also important. Facilities of accommodation should suitables for tourism need and want. Bali is one of famous tourism destination in Indonesia, not just for international tourist but also for local tourist. The measurement of accommodation is occupancy rate, it related to customer behavior.This research are to know how many factors that influenced customer decision to choice hotel grade melati in Bali and what factor is more dominance to invlunced customer decision. This research are study case research in Hotel Viking in Denpasar Bali. The samples of this research are local tourist who come to bali as a tourist, businessman, or corporate employee (one night guest)Furthermore, from the result of this research hopelly can answer what is inside of customer maind before and after they made decision to choice a grade melati hotel in Bali. In other words from this customer behavior research we can choice good marketing strategy to win a battle between another melati hotel especially in tourism distination.


Keyword: customer behavior,accoppancy rate, marketing start

Author: Putu Herry Sunarya dan Muhammad Edwar