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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 23 Issue 1 April 2016

Are We Ready for the Changes in U.S. Accounting Standards? Some Evidence of Midwestern Universities Curriculum

Keyword: the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB), the Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB), the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), integration of IFRS to U.S. accounting teaching

Author: Gerui (Grace) Kang, Xiang Liu and Daniel Hsiao

The Determinants of the Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility: Case of Tunisia

Keyword: CSR philanthropy, CSR integration, CSR innovation, ethics, stakeholders, competitive advantage

Author: Haifa Chtourou Rekik

What are the Key Drivers of Future Supply Chains?

Keyword: supply chain management, big data, social media, knowledge workers

Author: Penina Orenstein, Daniel Ladik and Sean Rainford

Compliance with IAS/IFRS and its Determinants: A Meta-Analysis

Keyword: compliance with IAS/IFRS, positive accounting theories, corporate characteristics, developed and emerging countries, investor protection level

Author: Khaled Samaha, Hichem Khlif and Khaled Dahawy

The Determines of the Sticky Cost Behavior in the Jordanian Industrial Companies Listed in Amman Stock Market

Keyword: sticky cost, asymmetric cost behavior, cost behavior, industrial sector, Jordan

Author: Boraq Awad Magheed