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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 21 Issue 1 April 2014

HRM Practices in Insurance Companies: A Case Study of Bangladesh

Keyword: HRM, training, development, job satisfaction, insurance companies, and Bangladesh

Author: Mohammad Nazim Uddin

Training Strategies, Theories and Types

Keyword: training, organization, training and development, strategy, methods, performance, human capital, LMS, KSA.

Author: Wajdi Milhem, Khalil Abushamsieh and Maria Nieves Pérez Aróstegui

Causes and Consequences of Transfer Pricing Conflict: Evidence from the Service Sector

Keyword: transfer price, conflict, causes of conflict, resolution, negotiation, services.

Author: Bülend Terzio?lu and Adam Steen

Inflation, Quarterly Balance Sheets and the Possibility of Fraud: Benford’s Law and the Brazilian Case

Keyword: significant digit law, quarterly balance sheet, inflation, Brazilian companies, auditing technique, digital analysis

Author: Alexandre M. Gava and Luiz Vitiello

Management Accounting Theory and Practice: Measuring the Gap in United States Businesses

Keyword: management accounting practices, management tools and techniques in the United States, strategic management accounting practices, gap between theory and practice of management accounting practices

Author: John D. McLellan