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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 18 Issue 1 April 2011

Auditors' Opinions, Discretionary Accruals and Financial Risk: Evidence from Jordan

Keyword: auditors' opinions, discretionary accruals, financial risk, financial leverage, earnings volatility, earnings management

Author: Ali A. Al-Thuneibat, Tawfiq H. Abdel-Jalil

Quality and Quantity of Corporate Disclosure by NZ Listed Companies after Implementing IASs and IFRSs

Keyword: IASs and IFRSs, corporate disclosure in NZ, implementing IAS and IFRS, quality and quantity of disclosure, disclosure index, NZ accounting standards

Author: Jamal Roudaki

The Effectiveness of Government Intervention: Indonesia Case

Keyword: government intervention, spreads, Indonesia, inventory model, quotation, exchange rates

Author: Nevi Danila, Eddy Suprihadi, Dwinita Ariyani

Inflation and Fair Market Value: An Empirical Analysis of Sales Transactions of U.S. Closely-Held Companies

Keyword: valuation, inflation, closely-held companies, privately-held firms, inflation regime, valuation multiples

Author: Gregory B. Merrill, Craig S. Galbraith, Curt H. Stiles

Fair Value Determination: A Conceptual Framework

Keyword: fair value, framework, competitive position, valuation, upset recognition, enumeration

Author: Sara Aliabadi, Hong Chen, Alireza Dorestani

The Economic Determinants of Executive Stock Options Grants in Portuguese Firms

Keyword: incentives, stock options, agency theory, financial and ownership structure, board structure

Author: Sandra Alves