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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 12 October 2005

Sources of foreign capital flows and the economy of developing countries: An empirical assessment

Keyword: Egypt, DFI, work remittances, Co integration, inflow of foreign capital, domestic saving.

Author: Fouad Abou-Stait

Attitudes of accounting educators and financial managers in the UAE towards the general education requirements in learning accounting

Keyword: accounting education, general education in accounting, accounting programs, accounting competences,

Author: Jamal Roudaki

Expectation Gap: Do Companies Disclose What Users Need in Iran?

Keyword: financial reporting, disclosure quality, users expectation gap, iran

Author: Soheila Mirshekary

Gain-Sharing in outsourcing relationships: A proposed model

Keyword: activity-based costing, gain-sharing, outsourcing, pricing

Author: Reinaldo Guerreiroa , Surendra Agrawalb and Carlos Alberto Pereiraa

Impediments to exporting: A case study of australian manufacturing SMEs

Keyword: impediments, exporting, manufacturing, SMEs, productivity, competitivenes

Author: Muhammad Mahmood

The relationship between corporate takeovers and share prices for the target firms: Evidence for the indian stock market

Keyword: mergers and takeovers, target firms, event study analysis, and stock prices.

Author: Sanjay Sehgal a, Ashwani Singhb, Nitin Choudharyb