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Efek Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) terhadap Brand Preference Industri Perbankan (Eksperimen Moderasi Peran Individualisme)

ID : 1-192-1, ISSN : 0854-4190 , PUB: Vol 19 , Oktober, 2012


This is experiment study proposed to analyze of variable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with individualism consumers involvement as supported of brand preference of banking was used CSR as marketing strategic alternative. Account of participative is 89 student of Economic Jambi University. Experiment has make mapping costumer perception of CSR type and statistic analyzed used within subject design test with in chi-square (?2) test and t test statistics table. The result show that value of t test > t table is (2,042), and research result has exposure any difference between individualism perceptions for banking with CSR program was implemented and non CSR banking.


Keyword: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Brand Preference, Individualism Role

Author: Musnaini