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International Journals

List of International Journals, Volume 18 Issue 2 October 2011

African-American Accountants Then and Now: A Longitudinal Study of Factors Influencing Perceptions of the Workplace

Keyword: work attributes, job satisfaction, job stress, work-life balance, job discrimination, Herzbergs Two-Factor Theory

Author: Tammi C. Redd, Glen D. Moyes, Jun Sun

Exploring Information Systems/Technology Outsourcing in Saudi Organizations: An Empirical Study

Keyword: information systems, information technology, outsourcing, empirical study, Saudi Arabia.

Author: Ahmad A. Abu-Musa

Budget Deficit, National Debt, and Government Spending: Is Now the Right Time to Cut Deficit and Reduce National Debt?

Keyword: national debt, government spending, budget deficit; economy, Consumer Price Index, future generation.

Author: Sara Aliabadi, Alireza Dorestani, Aijana Abdyldaeva

Effects of the Type of Accounting Standards and Motivation on Financial Reporting Decision

Keyword: Principles- versus Rules-based accounting, motivation, motivated reasoning theory, lease, aggressive reporting, U.S. GAAP versus IFRS.

Author: Gerui (Grace) Kang, Jerry W. Lin

Management Accounting Practices in Egypt  A Transitional Economy Country

Keyword: adoption rate of management accounting practices, transitional economy country, Egyptian manufacturing companies, cultural characteristics, benefits derived from management accounting practices, Hofstedes four dimensions.

Author: Sherine Farouk Abdel Al, John D. Mclellan

Investment, Earnings Management and Equity-based Compensation

Keyword: investment, earnings management, equity incentives, stock options, restricted stock.

Author: Chunwei Xian, Hong Chen, Asel Moldousupova